Friday, December 25, 2009

winter "one"derland part 3: food tags

about a week to go until the big party. so excited. i mean, snow excited!

the menu is set. i think. originally i planned on a dessert bar but have since changed it to include some appetizers that are white {basically a lot that include cheese}.

so here is what i came up with for tags for the food. easy. cute. perfect for a woodsy winter theme. just a few items needed. corks. toothpicks. tape. cute winter themed names for your food. voila! winter "one"derland food tags!

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Charlotte said...

Stac, I am so so so so bummed that I am going to miss this! You better take lots and LOTS of pictures and give Is a big hug from her Auntie Charlotte! I love you and miss you!!