Friday, December 24, 2010

a very snowy Christmas

not so much here in omaha. but very much so in my friend liz's house.

she has the kind of house that the moment you step into it you feel cozy and at home. she has an amazing knack for using paper to create wonderful pieces for decorating her home and for entertaining. i wish i had her patience and skills for working with paper.

so, this Christmas, liz once again set forth to use paper and other crafty objects to make a cozy, snowy Christmas.

don't you just adore this blue yarn wreath? so simple, yet elegant. i love the snowflake embellishment too! i see a red one in my future...

don't you just adore this ornament filled bowl? so simple. yet, a wonderful pop of color.

don't you just adore her beautiful branches. all decked out for the holidays. i do. in fact, i am going to put this away in my file to copy cat some day. don't you just adore how she changed her photo display for her Christmas color scheme too. it pulls everything together so nicely. she used the same color of paper and printed out the words to some of her favorite CHristmas carols. what a simple and wonderful idea! {another one to file away for next year}.

don't you just adore the red mittens. i do. maybe because they are red. maybe because it is wintery. i don't know. they just say Christmas cheer to me!

liz is a faithful {the most faithful!} follower of this blog, and would appreciate any comments you might leave.

don't you just adore her cozy blue Christmas?

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

a very vintage Christmas

i drool everytime i visit my friend melissa's creative cottage.


melissa is a pro at finding vintage items and making them look gorgeous in her home. she makes me consider changing everything in my home to make it vintage like hers.

once a copy cat, always a copy cat.

so, recently i went to visit her at her home and saw all of her beautiful vintage Christmas decor and asked her if i could share some of her ideas with you guys.


enjoy this chippy painted chair with a beautifully wrapped present. love the gift tag. just printed off of her computer!

enjoy her nature inspired Christmas tree. love the birds. love the butterflies. love the nests.

enjoy her homemade stockings. made from old sweaters. Christmas cozy. love it. don't you just love the charcoal painted wall?

enjoy her vintage mantle, complete with an old crate for the stable.

enjoy her chandelier. everything homemade. stars cut out of old music. garland made from muslin gathered at the stitch. greenery found outside.

if you enjoyed her vintage cottage, leave her a comment on this post. i know she will check it and see it.

don't you just love it?

Thursday, December 16, 2010

a Christmas collection

i love collecting items to decorate my house for the Christmas season.

people know i love it too.

so most years i get gifts of Christmas decor for Christmas or for my birthday, which is in november. i love it. i usually spend my birthday money on guess what? Christmas decorations. i love going after Christmas and getting items 75 - 90% off at target.

like i said. i love decorating for Christmas!

so here is a quick tour of my Christmas collection.

the reindeer, a birthday gift to myself. the mercury glass tree in cloche, a birthday gift from my sister. the reindeer painting, a gift from my super talented sister in law.

the skates, my sister's growing up.

the fake mercury glass trees, $1 each at walmart after Christmas. the lanterns, from my brother's wedding 12 years ago.

the reindeer, a gift from my sister in law. the tree, a white elephant gift this year {i got lucky on that one. some people ended up with used wrestling singlets as their gift!}.

the ribbon, from a gift from my sister. the greenery, i buy more and more each year.

the picture, one of my favorites of me and my dad. the glass stars, a gift card and coupon spent at bed bath and beyond. the pine cones, collected on walks with my daughters.

the birchwood skis, on clearance at tjmaxx.

the fake tree, found on the side of the road with a sign saying "free". the ornaments, greens, golds, reds and whites collected slowly through the years.

the real tree, decorated with ornaments bought throughout the years as well as snowflakes from my daughter's first birthday party.

the stockings, a big birthday money splurge. even though i only need 4, i got 6. just in case. the letters, $.50 each at hobby lobby

the table runner, another birthday splurge. the candle, balsam and cedar from yankee candle. a staple at our house all winter long.

the presents, wrapped with love. i buy one new roll of wrapping paper each year. i also collect ribbons throughout the year and save them from year to year. my attempt to be green {thrifty too}.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

step by step guide on giving merry this holiday season

step 1: have a family baking day and bake some of your favorite cookies and candies of the season.

step 2: have a cookie exchange with your girlfriends. this is such a genious idea. kudos for the first woman who thought of it. you bake lots of one or two kinds of holiday cookies or candies, then you take them and exchange with your girlfriends with the different kinds of cookies and candies that they brought. lots of variety. a small amount of work.

step 3: wrap these cookies and candies in pretty packages. Tie them with a bow. {i got my boxes half off at hobby lobby!}

step 4: give merry little gifts of yummy goodness to your neighbors, coworkers, baby sitters or friends!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

a merry entry

simple frames from the dollar tree. a store bought garland with real greenery attached to it. some battery operated lights. some ornaments.

don't you feel merry?