Friday, December 24, 2010

a very snowy Christmas

not so much here in omaha. but very much so in my friend liz's house.

she has the kind of house that the moment you step into it you feel cozy and at home. she has an amazing knack for using paper to create wonderful pieces for decorating her home and for entertaining. i wish i had her patience and skills for working with paper.

so, this Christmas, liz once again set forth to use paper and other crafty objects to make a cozy, snowy Christmas.

don't you just adore this blue yarn wreath? so simple, yet elegant. i love the snowflake embellishment too! i see a red one in my future...

don't you just adore this ornament filled bowl? so simple. yet, a wonderful pop of color.

don't you just adore her beautiful branches. all decked out for the holidays. i do. in fact, i am going to put this away in my file to copy cat some day. don't you just adore how she changed her photo display for her Christmas color scheme too. it pulls everything together so nicely. she used the same color of paper and printed out the words to some of her favorite CHristmas carols. what a simple and wonderful idea! {another one to file away for next year}.

don't you just adore the red mittens. i do. maybe because they are red. maybe because it is wintery. i don't know. they just say Christmas cheer to me!

liz is a faithful {the most faithful!} follower of this blog, and would appreciate any comments you might leave.

don't you just adore her cozy blue Christmas?


Melissa Pennington said...

I just love this color scheme! My favorite is that beautiful twig tree. So wintery. Great job Liz!

The Overman Family said...

I am glad I came back to see the pictures beautiful! I love the color scheme, she makes icy blues look cozy. My favorite is the wreath! Thanks for letting us peak into some of your friends homes!