Friday, February 25, 2011

these are a few of my favorite {spring} things

moss covered "rocks".

{um, not rocks, styrofoam, which is a little more kid friendly than rocks. $3 at walmart.)

foliage or "faux"liage in my case.

{one day i hope to replace my fake plants with real ones. before i do that i need to get a greener thumb. pottery barn seems be loving foliage too, as their spring catalog is filled with it. plants pictured are from ikea, but normally i buy at hobby lobby when they are 50% off. remember that fake plants can be "taken apart", which i highly recommend!}


{bird, a couple bucks at michaels. birdhouse $1 at michaels. birdcage... a little more expensive, but i've been wanting a bird cage for a while, so i have been saving my christmas money to buy one. or in my case, two. they were 40% off at michaels, so i got two for around $15.}


{hand painted = free! i highly recommend buying trace paper. super helpful.}


{love the shadow boxes! already thinking about what to put in them for summer and fall!}

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

spring entry

i've been decorating up a storm lately.

that is what happens when you exercise and eat right. you don't feel the need to nap.

i guess.

remember those shadow boxes i used in my winter entry {with the gloves and snowflakes}? well, they are back. this time with branches and butterflies!

once you have the shadow boxes you can change out what is in them to fit your mood or the season. i bought the butterflies for a couple bucks at michaels {shhh, don't tell hobby lobby} and the paper and branches were found in my home.

before i show you these next pictures i give this disclaimer: my entry is the hardest place for me to take pictures. i prefer natural light so i don't need to use my flash. unfortunately our entry is lacking in lighting. boo hoo.

so, i may try again later {with my husband's guidance} to get some better pictures. in the meantime, more of my spring entry.

Monday, February 21, 2011

5 minute art

hmmm. something is missing.

{5 minutes later}

there. that is better.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

DIY art: part 1

my grandma gave me this:

i am sooooo excited!

{right now you are probably thinking, what the what? has this lady gone crazy? if you want a hint of my plan with it, go here: layla}

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

frame it!

i got this idea from pottery barn earlier this winter season. immediately i knew i would be copy catting the idea, but did not save the picture on my computer. when i went last night to the pb website i could not find the picture. so i improvised.

yep. a picture of a picture.

i know. lame. but i wanted to show you where i got the idea. give credit where credit is due.

this is my version. i found some white gloves and hats on clearance at target {$6 for it all!}. i also waited until shadow boxes were half off at hobby lobby. armed with a gift card i bought two for $20. i added a little "bling" with the snowflake ornaments from my mom and some pinecones found on family walks.

to complete the winter entry i left out a pair of birchwood skis and my semi homemade garland {added more snowflakes and took out the red ornaments}. i wanted to find a way to incorporate my white skates but was a bit fearful of their sharp edges with my little girls in the house.

so there you have it. unoriginal. copy cat strikes again!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

butterfly favors

so many ideas here. butterfly stickers. butterfly pencils. butterflies. butterflies?

yep. real live butterflies.

i found a blog that the favor to the party was real butterflies. there are places online where you can order caterpillars and if you time it right for the party, each kid can get their own butterfly to take home. i seriously considered this, but opted for something easier.


24 mini bubbles for $2 during the hobby lobby 50% off bridal event.

cool. fun. but not as cool as real butterflies. sorry.