Wednesday, February 2, 2011

frame it!

i got this idea from pottery barn earlier this winter season. immediately i knew i would be copy catting the idea, but did not save the picture on my computer. when i went last night to the pb website i could not find the picture. so i improvised.

yep. a picture of a picture.

i know. lame. but i wanted to show you where i got the idea. give credit where credit is due.

this is my version. i found some white gloves and hats on clearance at target {$6 for it all!}. i also waited until shadow boxes were half off at hobby lobby. armed with a gift card i bought two for $20. i added a little "bling" with the snowflake ornaments from my mom and some pinecones found on family walks.

to complete the winter entry i left out a pair of birchwood skis and my semi homemade garland {added more snowflakes and took out the red ornaments}. i wanted to find a way to incorporate my white skates but was a bit fearful of their sharp edges with my little girls in the house.

so there you have it. unoriginal. copy cat strikes again!

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Elizabeth M. said...

I like you, and your ideas (copied or not!). I think the neat thing about you is that you steal ideas, but INCORPORATE them so well into a theme that I just think you have talent to implement! Beautiful as always.