Tuesday, February 1, 2011

butterfly favors

so many ideas here. butterfly stickers. butterfly pencils. butterflies. butterflies?

yep. real live butterflies.

i found a blog that the favor to the party was real butterflies. there are places online where you can order caterpillars and if you time it right for the party, each kid can get their own butterfly to take home. i seriously considered this, but opted for something easier.


24 mini bubbles for $2 during the hobby lobby 50% off bridal event.

cool. fun. but not as cool as real butterflies. sorry.


Elizabeth M. said...

Wow. Real butterflies? That sounds...a little insane :) Micah LOVES the bubbles!

Charlotte said...

Ha! You have to be careful with live butterflies. My mom told me once about a couple who had that idea for at their wedding instead of throwing rice. The butterflies came in boxes and then at the right time, the guests were supposed to open them and fling the butterflies at the couple. However, due to some shipping mishaps, all the butterflies arrived dead. However, no one knew it until the guests opened the boxes and started flinging dead butterflies at the new Mr. and Mrs....I think they learned their lesson!!