Wednesday, January 19, 2011

butterfly decorations

here is martha's butterfly globe:

here is the copy cat:

here are butterflies everywhere:

here is the copy cat version:

{i used the curtains from my daughter's room to make the canopy. i thought it felt springy and was different than garland. i used a needle and thread to attach butterflies to it.}

here is the butterfly template i found to cut out all those butterflies!


Elizabeth M. said...

I love it. Your interpretation of these ideas was better than the original! It all worked together so well.
Do you have any ideas for my Jane Austen party? Pretty simple, and I don't quite have a theme yet...but I want to get your brain started thinking :) I was thinking it might be nice to borrow some tables and chairs and tableclothes...your bluish ones (man, those have come in so handy! You should do a tutorial on those!)

Elizabeth M. said...

Another comment from me: actually a link. Check this out: