Friday, January 7, 2011

a quick reminder

as we commence 2011 i ask you: what are your decorating goals for the year?

is it simple like touching up paint {that is my goal}. is it undertaking a big project like a bathroom {that is my dream}. is it decluttering and purging {that is what i need to do}.

whatever your goal ladies, i want you to remember that decorating, party throwing, whatever, needs to be for enjoyment. it is not about keeping up with the joneses. it is not about trying to impress. it is not about finding contentment. if you are not content with what you already have, well, you will probably never be content with what you will get.

it is about creating a home that you love. it is about showing your love to others by throwing them a party. it is about doing what you can with what you have where you are.


Jennifer said...

Decluttering & purging for me! :) Thanks for the inspiring words! :)

Elizabeth M. said...

Great words. My goal--decorating and house-wise--is to be content with what I have, where we are, and just wait on the Lord :) Thanks for the encouragement. Also, another goal is to incorporate a little more blue into our living room, using mostly what I already have :)