Friday, January 7, 2011

a butterfly menu

this was a lot of fun. creating a spring time menu that incorporated as many butterflies as possible.

this is what i am serving tomorrow.

kiddos will enjoy "butterfly" macaroni and cheese {bow tie pasta}, butterfly shaped crackers and cheese, fruit {wrapped in a little baggie and then tied with a black pipe cleaner to look like a butterfly.}

adults will have a different menu, but nothing too butterfly related!

everyone will eat one of these. almond bark covered butterflies! {i say one because they were a lot of work!}

there were a lot of other ideas, but with the average age of the party goer being 18 months, i decided to keep the menu simple. here are other ideas:
- pb & j cut into a butterfly shape with a cookie cutter
- butterfly shaped cookies
- fruit pizza with mandarin oranges and strawberries cut and arranged to look like a butterfly
- arranging a fruit or veggie tray in the shape of a butterfly

i am sure there are many more ideas out there to copy. what a fun food theme for a party!

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