Monday, January 17, 2011

butterfly banner

just a reminder. i am unoriginal. most ideas from this butterfly party were copied.

found this idea here:

originally i saved this idea to use in the girls' bedroom. their room is a birdies and butterflies theme and i thought this branch idea with their names would be perfect above their beds {that is, once they start sharing a room}.

in the meantime, i thought it would be a great way to make a birthday banner:

the bird on the branch was super easy to make. here is the pattern i found on a blog: bird pattern.

the branch was taken from my yard {actually, it is a curtain rod in my daughter's room}.

the banner was made from paper doilies and left over scrap book paper. i have learned the fastest, easiest way to write letters on a banner like this is to just freehand paint them on. not perfect, but easy. the banner is held together with tape and jute.


Elizabeth M. said...

Other than all the food and people, this was my favorite part of the party! I can't even describe it! Whimsical, woodsy, super cute...I love it.

Jennifer said...

Love this idea! And those birdies too- we made a bunch for my daughter's first birthday in Oct. :D