Tuesday, December 21, 2010

a very vintage Christmas

i drool everytime i visit my friend melissa's creative cottage.


melissa is a pro at finding vintage items and making them look gorgeous in her home. she makes me consider changing everything in my home to make it vintage like hers.

once a copy cat, always a copy cat.

so, recently i went to visit her at her home and saw all of her beautiful vintage Christmas decor and asked her if i could share some of her ideas with you guys.


enjoy this chippy painted chair with a beautifully wrapped present. love the gift tag. just printed off of her computer!

enjoy her nature inspired Christmas tree. love the birds. love the butterflies. love the nests.

enjoy her homemade stockings. made from old sweaters. Christmas cozy. love it. don't you just love the charcoal painted wall?

enjoy her vintage mantle, complete with an old crate for the stable.

enjoy her chandelier. everything homemade. stars cut out of old music. garland made from muslin gathered at the stitch. greenery found outside.

if you enjoyed her vintage cottage, leave her a comment on this post. i know she will check it and see it.

don't you just love it?


Elizabeth M. said...

Mel is definitely an inspiration. I love how homey her home is...and how creative she can be, while being thrifty and frugal and so adorable I want to move in!

Jennifer said...

Beautiful, Mel! :) PLEASE share tips on how you do this!

Leia Brown said...

Absolutely love it :)

Stephanie @ Everything That Is Nice said...

Beautiful...so beautiful! I am always so much more impressed with the people who use what they have and create warm, thoughtful spaces...then with those who spend unlimited amounts of money and buy from the "big stores". Every inch was lovely, beautiful and inspiring.