Thursday, May 27, 2010

a blank slate

sometimes do you find it more difficult to decorate a room that is a complete blank slate? sometimes i do. sometimes i'd rather have a starting point to work from.

not this time. not this room.

the room i am talking about is the nursery/guest room. white walls. dark trim that must be painted. neutral carpet.

so with this blank slate i have been brainstorming ideas. i want to use what i already have if possible. i want it to be guest friendly, but a little girls room at the same time.

in comes my genius sister over at everything that is nice. see, i was fighting the fact that i am drawn to blue. i thought i should do something different. she told me no. if i am drawn to blue then i can move things from one room to another when i get bored and they will work. great idea.

such a great idea that not only am i doing blue, but i am going to copy her idea and put red with it. i love the mix of the cold of blue with the warm of red.

so the summer project starts: operation get rid of blank slate...

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Elizabeth Messer said...

I'd love to help you paint!