Sunday, July 11, 2010

red, white, blue {and beach}

i've been doing a ton of shopping lately.

haven't spent much though. the store is amazing.

where you ask?

my own house!

i made the very important, executive decision to not do red in the nursery. so what to do with all that red?

the living room of course! already have the white walls and furniture and the blue. it was a natural choice.

so the past few days i've been shopping my own house. rearranging accessories like i love to do.

redesign with no money spent. love it.

have you shopped your house lately? try it. mix things up! it doesn't cost a cent!

1 comment:

Elizabeth Messer said...

Oh wow, Stacy! I love the little details--and the tea tin came in handy! I love those things : ) I can't wait to see it in person!