Friday, June 10, 2011

nursery {for a baby girl}

well my daughter is 9 months old. time to post about her nursery before i move her into a big girl room.

when I did the nursery i did it on a shoestring budget. I tried to use things I already had. plus some paint. and a little fabric. the furniture was purchased at consignment sales or garage sales. or was free. the big project with the nursery were the yellow strips on the wall. a lot of work. worth it though in my opinion.


Elizabeth M. said...

Hooray! a new post! I love Eva's room. The little details just make it so sweet. It is so neat to find that you can make something from nearly nothing...with just a bit of ingenuity! and muscle!

Leia Brown said...

Pretty! I've still never seen it in person! Looks great though! said...

SO pretty! I never tire of looking at nurserys!

Congrats on moving her to a big girl room - its bittersweet, I know!