Monday, February 22, 2010

think spring

it has been my goal this year to not complain about the weather. so you won't find me doing that here.

and as excited as i am for spring, i am trying to focus on the beauty that is winter and all of the blessings that come with this. God really has given us this time to rest. to relax. thank you Lord.

but today i finally took down my winter decor. the silver trees and evergreens are now down. now that it is down i know why i took so long to do it.

man, does my house look bare.

so, time to plan for the next stage. spring. i am trying to brainstorm inexpensive ways to bring life to my house. because to me, that is what spring is about.

new life.

i'm thinking vases of tulips and green hydrangeas. unfortunately they may have to be fake {cringe} but i like them for the color and for what they represent.

i'm thinking branches from my yard with flowers wired to the ends in vases around the house.

i'm thinking white vases with real plants.

i'm thinking though that i need help beyond that.

so what says spring to you?


Elizabeth Messer said...

Birds and bird nests! Robin's eggs, twigs, and crab apple blossoms : )

Matthew said...

One word: "tulips!"