Friday, February 12, 2010

winter cooking blahs

do you get bored with all your recipes? i do. usually around january.

here are some sites i've been enjoying lately that will "spice" things up for you.

and, what is even better is that they are for the woman who wants to make their life easier by doing freezer meals or crock pot meals.

spend one day making meals for the month! visit these sites to get ideas how:

mom on a budget freezer meals

our best bites freezer meals

ok, so no freezer space? then dig out the crock pot! i made chicken parmesan last night for supper. took me less than 5 minutes and turned out great!

a year of slow cooking

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The Poutre Family said...

We should do a recipe swap. You make 5-6 of something freezer friendly and tape the recipe to the top. Then have a get together and you leave with 6 new meals and 6 new recipes to use again. Thoughts??