Friday, April 2, 2010

a nifty gifty

sorry it has been so long. growing a baby has taken up my time and energy, but now that i am in the second trimester i am optimistic.


this is from the files from way back in december. with five nieces in my family i try to be creative at getting them all the same gift.

this can be a challenge. one is 10 and the youngest is 2.

this year what i came up with was making these jewelry boxes. all supplies came from hobby lobby. i found the jewelry for the oldest 4 girls at gordman's {they had no clue. the necklaces came in fancy boxes. one thought it was from jarred's!}

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Elizabeth Messer said...

Those turned out so beautifully! Much better than anything you could ever buy! It was made by their auntie and super super cute! I think I might have to steal your idea in the future : ) Great to see you posting here again!