Friday, April 16, 2010

word up!

i am doing some "wedding consulting" for a great friend of mine. she is getting married in a renovated barn.

so cute.

so we came up with the theme "rustic elegance" and i have to say i love what we came up with {the bride is a bit excited too}.

i could see the scrabble idea used for a baby shower too. it gives your guest something to do as they sit at the table!


Melissa Pennington said...

Wow!!!! They look wonderful! Such a great idea. I love the chalkboard.

Elizabeth Messer said...

Every idea you come up with is better than the one before it! I was so excited when I walked downstairs and saw blew my socks off. You are just such a...visionary! : )

Nicole Drama said...

Yep. Just a bit excited. :-)

Grimes said...

Beautiful Stacy!