Saturday, June 26, 2010

back to the point

it has struck me lately that as women we need to be reminded of this:

it is not a contest.

it is not about who throws the best party. who has the nicest decorated house. life is not about those things.

if we live life like it is a contest, we will exhaust ourselves and waste our time.

the point of this blog is only to give ideas if you want to do projects or throw parties. the point is not to give pressure that you are supposed to do those things. they just happen to be my hobby. that is why i do it. it is fun. not necessary, but fun.

if you find decorating and throwing parties fun, then this blog is for you. to give you ideas i have done. to share with you blogs i have found useful.

because here is my confession. i am completely unoriginal. i am 100% a copy cat.

and that is ok. because it is all about fun and not a contest of originality.

and that is the point.


Elizabeth Messer said...

You are sweet. I needed that : ) It is good that God gives different strengths and talents---so that we are not all the same but can compliment each other, build one another up and serve with our unique gifts. I sure do appreciate yours.

I did think about Micah's 1st Birthday all day today---even in the Urgent Care : ) I thought " Jungle" maybe? I don't know...but I want to do something fun b/c I didn't get to do birth announcements, and it is special to plan things like that!

I think you are amazing friend, and I adore your blog!

Maia said...

Great reminder Stacy....soo true. I think it is very easy to loose sight of the true meaning and beauty of entertaining!!