Sunday, June 20, 2010

white is right

so people ask me what color i am planning on painting the baby's room.

the answer?



aren't kids room supposed to be bright and flashy?

well, there will be some bright. maybe a touch of flash to her room, but i also want it to be calming. peaceful. a place of sleep.

Rie eclectic kids

Restyled Home eclectic kids

so, this week, i will be painting her white walls white.


Grimes said...

White is a great color for a kids bedroom! Because of the clean palette you're not forced into a theme. I noticed you put up electic style kids rooms. THis is what I'm planning for the girl's bedroom! The wall color will be a very light gray with a hint of blue accented by a salmon color and well anything else that suits my fancy at the time. Are you planning on creating a fabric banner? I'm working on one for the kiddos right now I think it'll makes a perfect accessory for the bedroom. I'm sure you little girl's room is going to turn out so sweet and perfect Stacy!

Leia Brown said...

Love all your inspiration photos :) Sounds beautiful!

Jennifer said...

Great idea! I love your design photos as well- great inspiration form my little girl's room. :)