Friday, February 25, 2011

these are a few of my favorite {spring} things

moss covered "rocks".

{um, not rocks, styrofoam, which is a little more kid friendly than rocks. $3 at walmart.)

foliage or "faux"liage in my case.

{one day i hope to replace my fake plants with real ones. before i do that i need to get a greener thumb. pottery barn seems be loving foliage too, as their spring catalog is filled with it. plants pictured are from ikea, but normally i buy at hobby lobby when they are 50% off. remember that fake plants can be "taken apart", which i highly recommend!}


{bird, a couple bucks at michaels. birdhouse $1 at michaels. birdcage... a little more expensive, but i've been wanting a bird cage for a while, so i have been saving my christmas money to buy one. or in my case, two. they were 40% off at michaels, so i got two for around $15.}


{hand painted = free! i highly recommend buying trace paper. super helpful.}


{love the shadow boxes! already thinking about what to put in them for summer and fall!}

1 comment:

Elizabeth M. said...

My favorite of your "favorites" is the bird cage! It looks so good next to your sign and the jars. Sometime this spring (after my birthday when I have some money) I would like to go to the junk shop and get some of those :)