Thursday, January 7, 2010

the copy cat cottage: living room

i love looking at rooms on blogs. don't you?

this led me to the realization.

i've never posted pictures of my house on my blog.

so here you go. the beginning of a home tour through the copy cat cottage. keep in mind i am in the very beginning stages in my quest to change my 1969 suburban home into a cottage you might find along side the sea.

i also want to stress to you guys that you don't need a ton of money to achieve your decorating dreams. so. i've included the approximate cost of what i've spent.

a look i am loving is dressers in living/family rooms. this dresser has been mine all of my life. it was a wood veneer that i painted white with behr utlra paint {i strongly recommend this type of paint. it has primer in it so it is stronger and goes on thicker. fewer coats. more time to do other things!} bought some knobs for cheap at menards. cost: part of a can of paint {so maybe $5} plus knobs $10.

the accessories on the dresser were also cheap. the frames found at my grandma's house and in my parents garage {free}.

the lamp, a wedding gift i believe.

the blue glass and silver "vase" found recently at a thrift store. $5 total. a few flowers bought half price at hobby lobby. $3.

total cost for dresser and accessories: $23 {or so}.

next. the couch and ledges.

the couch was a big purchase, but well worth it. that is all i'll say about that.

the pillows were homemade. at least the blue ones. i bought the fabric half price at hobby lobby. it isn't the cheapest but it is what i like. total cost for all the pillows on my couch, maybe $20. the actual pillows have been acquired through the years. some free. some goodwill. some walmart. cost for the actual pillows, maybe $15.

total cost for pillows and fabric: $35

the photo ledges were homemade by my hubby. some 1x4s and edging. maybe $15 for the ledges. the frames have also been acquired through the years. some were wood. some were pink. some were just plain ugly. some white paint and voila, looks like i spent a fortune!

total cost for the frames: maybe $3 for a part of a can of paint. note that i've left up some of my greenery and mirrored stars from christmas. the stars are the most expensive thing up on my ledges. $15 at bed bath and beyond.

total cost for ledges and accessories: $33.

so i really don't buy furniture at retail stores. well that is not true. couches, dining room table and beds. everything else is goodwill, free or garage sale.

my coffee table was free. from my mom. it was not pretty so it had to be transformed.

about $2 worth of black paint and $10 of fabric and an old mattress pad - and the result is an upholstered coffee table!

total cost $12.

speaking of free furniture, my hubby got these shelves from his work for free. they were the shelves in their cubicles. some white paint, doors and knobs really changed them for the better. maybe $15 to transform them into shelves.

the accessories have been acquired through the years. baskets from world market {paid for by gift card}, black frames from walmart. free wood frames from my parents' farm. globe from my mom's attic.

hope you enjoyed the tour and it has encouraged you that you can get this kind of look for cheap too - just keep your eyes open for deals and your mind open to create.

oh, and just so you don't think my house is too "perfect"...

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