Monday, January 18, 2010

the copy cat cottage: girl's nursery

this is my daughter's room. i love it. i enjoyed the whole process of decorating her room. so much in fact, i have ideas already for how i would decorate it differently!

this room was done on a pretty tight budget. i used branches for drapery rods, made my own art using scrapbook paper and my own name sign using canvas and crosstitching rings. i painted unfinished bird house from hobby lobby and painted cardboard hat boxes for storage.

one thing i have left to make is curtains and a ribbon garland to hang from the ceiling.

then it will be done.


Jennifer said...

So very pretty! A friend posted a link to your blog on her blog, and I'm really enjoying seeing how you're decorating! :) What color did you paint your little girl's room? I'd like to use a color like that in my daughter's room too...

Tara said...

PRECIOUS!!! ADORABLE!!! SO SWEET!! I love her nursery. My favs are the branch curtain rod and the height chart on the door. She is a lucky lil baby! Tara