Tuesday, January 26, 2010

love rocks

here is my valentine's center piece.

my usual cake stand with a galvanized tin heart i picked up at hl for $8. {pricey for me, but i love it, so worth it!}

filled it with love rocks. love rocks? yep. rocks with expressions of love that i wrote with a sharpie. think rocks meet conversation hearts.


Jennifer said...

I love this idea! Very nice. :)

Melissa Pennington said...

That is so much fun! Really love it!

Elizabeth Messer said...

That is so wonderful : ) I love the "be mine" rock. You are creative...not just a "copy cat"! So, you know your rule of three? My Mom is going to make a curtain from the skirt material, and the bumper, and it is also on the wall : ) You are so smart!