Tuesday, January 5, 2010

wanted: white trash

what is one man's junk is another man's treasure.

here is the junk i am looking for as i continue to work on the cottage feel to my home and continue to add more white items.

a ladder.

my sister has one and hangs her blankets for the living room on it. clever.

some old drawers that i can hang on my dining room wall to put plates and pitchers in. this picture is from layla at the lettered cottage. man. i love her home.

she bought her boxes at a tjmaxx. i am going cheaper. finding old drawers for super cheap and then stenciling them.

some old books. it adds such a vintage look. not too many though. i don't need too much stuff collecting dust in my house!

and maybe just maybe some old suitcases.

love this look from the beach cottage. oh to live on the beach. in australia.

and to continue my collection of old chunky frames that i can paint white. i got about 10 for free from my parents' and grandparents' farm. amazing the stuff you can find on a 100 year old farm.

this picture is from a new blog i found over christmas. mimi charmante.

recently i saw a quote from theodore roosevelt. i love it. it is my new life motto. copy it and make it yours:

"do what you can, with what you have, where you are."

i say that definately applies to our pursuit to make our decorating dreams come true. it is a key to contentment as we make our house a home. with little or a lot we can learn to be content. just use what you have and make it great. 'ole teddy was right!

for me, it is finding some old vintage "trash" and making it my treasure!

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