Wednesday, November 11, 2009

24 hour redo

do you have a room that just confuses you? you don't know how to decorate it. you don't know what color to paint the walls? well, i have a room like that. my bathroom.

here is my issue. how do you take a 1969's bathroom {complete with mauve toilet and tub} and turn it into a cottage feeling-kid friendly-soothing for guest bathroom?

my first attempt was a calming color. so, days after moving into our new house i painted my white bathroom a mocha color.

hmmm... mission not accomplished. the room did not feel soothing nor kid friendly. i definitely did not achieve the cottage look i was going for. hmmm... how to fix this...

then a couple things happened.

i saw my friend melissa's all white bathroom. perfect for a cottage and for a small space. everything being white made the space feel larger.

then my sister gave me a can of green paint {which i ended up not using}. hmm...

finally i read an article about how to quickly perk up your bathroom. now an idea was coming together...

1.) paint the walls, trim and doors white. this will make the space feel bigger and will therefore be more soothing.

2.) paint the "furniture" {vanity and over the toilet cabinet} a spring green. this is cottagy and kid appropriate.

3.) do this as quickly as possible. need to get rid of that dreary bathroom stat!

so, last week the painting commenced. with much frustration, the walls went back to white. with some elbow grease, the door and trim white as well. with some delight the vanity went from ugly brown to green.

the bathroom isn't finished yet. of course i have more plans!

1.) we will hopefully be getting crisp, white toilet and tub this winter.

2.) i want to put a skirt on my vanity - continuing a cottage feel.

3.) new, all white shower curtain.

4.) more of the chalkboard towel hooks {i will DIY this project soon!}

5.) some candlelight, somehow, for me when i take baths.

6.) glass knobs on the vanity.

7.) some sort of bath toy storage.

8.) a step stool for my daughter for when she is old enough to brush her teeth!


Matthew said...

If you don't want to go to all the work of replacing the bathtub and the tile around it, this might be an option:

Replacing the toilet, though, shouldn't be as bad.

TheSassFamily said...

You could even have the tile painted along with the tub.