Wednesday, November 25, 2009

quick thanksgiving table

it was 2:00 this afternoon. i was just waking up for a quick nap. i looked at the clock and thought "i should think about what i want to do for my thanksgiving table."

better late than never.

so i started getting out my plates. my square green plates from target. the family heirloom china. the brown napkins my sister got me for christmas a few years ago.

that part of setting the table is easy. now for the fun part. the making the table festive. this is always my favorite activity to do with my mom. sadly this year we aren't making it back, so in the back of my mind i kind of tried to think like my mom.

that got me thinking about something i saw on martha as a kid (i know, i've been watching martha for over 20 years!) jack 'b little candle holders. so with a knife and a spoon i got to work.

not too bad and i didn't cut myself!

next step. place cards. i hate it when you go someplace for a nice meal and have that awkward feeling of where should you sit. parents need to be by their kids, the cook close to the kitchen, some people need coffee cups, some don't...

place cards solve those problems. here is what i came up with. jack 'b littles, tags, brown stamp and some raffia.

and for the kids, well, i didn't have enough jack 'b littles and i had two gourds left. this is what i came up with:

(supposed to be turkeys...)

so now it is 4:30 the day before thanksgiving, and if you are like me you need some last minute ideas. well here you go. simple. cheap. cute. go ahead. try them out yourself!

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Leia Brown said...

cute!! Love the gourd turkeys!