Wednesday, November 4, 2009

tea party baby shower: tissue paper centerpieces

do you see tissue paper pom pom flowers on just about every blog?

i do.

so what is my response? copy it!

So last night, i decided to try one myself. my friend melissa had told me they were super easy to make. i was skeptical.

she was right.

i made a few large poms to hang from the ceiling in minutes. then i decided to try some smaller ones to see if they would look good in the tea tins i am planning on decorating the tables with.

they did.

see, for our guest of honor i really want to make her feel special - and she loves tea and flowers! problem is that real flowers are out of my budget. however, tissue paper flowers fit nicely into the budget, and if you try hard enough, i think you can convince yourself that they are peonies!

check out martha for instructions!


Leia Brown said...

Super cute! Can't wait!

Elizabeth Messer said...
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Stephanie @ Everything That Is Nice said...

They look SO GOOD!!!

Melissa Pennington said...

SO adorable!!! I love the tea tins! It's going to be such a beautiful shower!!!