Tuesday, November 3, 2009

up to my neck...

in projects...

my goal is to have no house projects in december so that i can enjoy the holiday season and not be painting rooms, trim or furniture. so in light of that, i have been busy so far in november.

1.) we tore out our entry closet. now we need to put it back together.

2.) still need to finish up our hallway - touch up paint, get some cork, paint some frames

3.) last night i had a fever over 100. today i somehow woke up refreshed and started painting my bathroom. i had painted it once already when we moved into this house. unfortunately i disliked the color. now i am trying to correct it. painted the vanity and over the toilet cabinet spring green. painting the walls white (inspired by my super creative friend melissa and her white bathroom).

4.) i have random pieces of scrapbook and tissue paper all over my house in preparation for next weekend's shower. (many pictures to come)

5.) kitchen curtain and my daughter's curtains need to be made.

also daydreaming about christmas... decorating, gifts, food, parties...

tis the season to be busy!

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