Monday, November 16, 2009

christmas is coming; the goose is getting fat!

oh how i tormented my siblings with that song when i was younger. i would play it over and over on our record player. did i mention it was miss piggy singing it?

anyway, christmas decorating commences at the copy cat cottage in 10 days. what does that mean? well, i need to finish a few projects first{paint 2 dressers and my bedroom and hopefully our entry way bench!}

that way i will be totally free of house projects during the holiday season so that i can do holiday activities all month long: bake, decorate, make gifts, wrap presents. oh, and work on a special little girl's first birthday celebration!

so with the big baby shower done, i used some of my time this morning on bh&g website as i drank my coffee and listened to christmas music on pandora.

a wonderful morning.

here are some pictures i found that i would love to incorporate in my house. i am planning on using my daughter's birthday theme {winter wonderland} as my decorating theme in my living room. lots of whites and silvers for colors. tons of greens and branches for textures. reindeer, pinecones and snowflakes for themes.

i found these pictures today but i had just asked my hubby yesterday to make me some of the log candle holders! simple enough and free to make from our log pile in back!

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Elizabeth Messer said...

The pictures are so beautiful! I can't wait to see how you make these ideas your own.