Monday, November 16, 2009

tea party baby shower: the menu

this is what really made the shower a success. i have very talented friends who made savory sandwiches and delicious desserts.

for some reason i struggled with what to serve at the party. i don't want you to struggle. i want you to copy if you would like!

we had chicken salad sandwiches served on crust-less white and wheat bread. i also made cucumber dill sandwiches on pumpernickel and my friend made tortilla spinners. all of these items were served on cake stands with paper doilies to continue the tea party feel.

my friends also made two salads and an assorted fruit tray. the final part of the menu was the most amazing part in my opinion.

charlotte's apricot and orange marmalade danishes:

melissa's white chocolate fudge:

and her cherry almond petit fours {garnished with white hydrangea which is not edible}:

and melissa's monogrammed sugar cookies {m is for micah, the baby girl's name}:

and finally melissa made mini carrot cake cupcakes which she embellished with toothpicks and paper that also had an "m":

the idea for food was to keep this fancy and dainty. i think my friends helped me to accomplish this! {thanks!}

of course there was tea, coffee and hot chocolate for non-tea drinkers.

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