Monday, November 23, 2009

i gave in...

to temptation. i started decorating for christmas tonight.

i am even hosting a thanksgiving meal. oh well.

this is what i decided. i am ready. this is our house so i can decorate for christmas when i want to (as long as hubby is ok with it, which he is). that is the beauty of having your own home. you get to make it look how you want - WHEN you want.

so the reindeer have made their appearance at the copy cat cottage. are there reindeer or nativity's at your house that are ready to be brought out? these items are some of my favorite possessions, so why only used them for a month?

if you are ready - i say go ahead! decorate!

1 comment:

Elizabeth Messer said...

I love the star! OOH I love the STAR!