Friday, October 9, 2009

birds & bees shower*

*NOT the birds & the bees. just some birds. and some bees.

last spring i threw a baby shower for my friend jenn. i searched online for some cute but classy shower themes. i found a site that had some great ideas for a shower decorated with birds and bees. i thought it was adorable. perfect for the iowa farmgirl i was throwing the shower for.

first, the bees. this idea i got from martha stewert, only she took a chinese latern and put butterflies all over it. i found these realistic looking bees at hobby lobby for $1.99.

i took some more realistic looking bees and put them near the food and on some of the flowers. i would have loved to do more with the bees, but ran out of funds.

next the birds.

to start i bought some unfinished birdhouses on sale at hobby lobby. i painted the houses to go with the color scheme of my shower and used paper for the roofs. these doubled as centerpieces and they were the prizes for the shower games. the extras now decorate my daughters bedroom. i used dried grapevine for "nests". i used a grapevine wreath to hold the paper plates to keep the theme going.

i used the same paper that i used on the birdhouses to make letters for the different tables at the party {food, cake, gifts}. to continue the natural feel of the shower, i used sticks to display the letters. if i would have known at the time how to sew a fabric bird, i would have also done that and attached it to the sticks.

the cake. this was my first attempt at a cake, so it needed to be really simple. i made a white cake and put raspberry pie filling in the middle of the two layers. i also added almond flavoring to store bought white frosting. the cake turned out pretty yummy! for the top, i made a birds nest out of chow mein noodles, melted chocolate and jelly bellies for eggs.

so there you have it. birds. bees. it worked well and was fairly inexpensive. in a month i am planning another baby shower for a friend. this theme is a tea party. invites are being made tomorrow, so stay tuned!

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