Sunday, October 4, 2009

monthly plan

like i have mentioned before, we recently moved into a new home. definitely not cottage. however it has potential.

month by month i've worked on a different room. i've gone month by month so that i'd have a realistic deadline. a goal. also financially. each room must be done for about $100.

august my daughter's room. painted dark brown trim white. painted the walls green. painted the furniture blue or white. made my own artwork. sewed a bit. had a blast doing it and decided that i wanted to move into her room.

september was the big month - the kitchen. dark wood cabinets were painted pot of cream white. a chalkboard door was added to the pantry. the walls were painted a gray blue. the counters were accessorized with apple green decor. love it.

october is going to be a slower month. trim in my hallways painted white. hallway linen cabinet painted white with sage in the back of the cabinet.

november is coming though. a big project month. demolition will be involved. we are tearing out our coat closet and replacing it with a bench and hooks. more practical for our lifestyle. financially this will also be a bit over the $100 budget. that is why i am asking for it for my birthday. i hope on november 7th i will be celebrating my 28th year by ripping down drywall and painting beadboard.

of course i have a plan for the entryway. not original of course. here are some ideas i plan to copy.

here is the before:

the closet will be replaced by something like this:

(from bh&g website)

on the wall opposite of the closet i plan on doing something like layla did on the wall in her dining room at the lettered cottage:

can you picture it? light. airy. welcoming. that is the goal at least.

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Elizabeth Messer said...

Stacy, I can't wait for the hallway closet project! Is it November yet? Also, yay for the is just so sweet, like you : )