Monday, October 26, 2009

winter "one"derland part 1: the idea

since december 21, 2008 i've been thinking about december 21, 2009.


my beautiful daughter's first birthday. i know for many moms it is enough to put a cupcake in front of their child and sing them a quick "happy birthday". the kid will never know the difference so the gesture is more than adequate.

not for me.

i am a doer. that is how i love. i love to do things for people. even though isabel will never remember the effort i put into her first birthday party, i will. i want to love her with 110% of all my love. for me, that is doing something special for her - even when she will never remember it. to know that i showed her my love in my own way.

so. on december 21, 2008 when i held my beautiful baby girl for the first time, my mind started to conceive all of these ideas of things i could do for her to show her my love. one of those many ideas was the beautiful parties i was going to throw for her. the first being an important one. for her and for me. i knew i wanted to have a winter themed birthday party. my sister suggested a theme to me.

"winter one-derland".


over the past 10 months i've been creating a file of ideas that i can use for her party. {well, that sounds like a lot of work, but really it is just copying and pasting pictures i like into word documents or saving webpages in my bookmarks when i come across a picture i like. not that much work. really.}

so slowly over the month of october i've been gathering a few supplies here and there. today the half price snowflake stamp to make the invitations. a few weeks ago it was some snowflake ornaments on sale at hobby lobby. before that some plates on clearance at target.

now over the next few weeks it will be making things for her party. invitations. snowflakes. decorations. finding recipes.

i know. how silly of me. how could i think that me covering my house with snowflakes could make her feel loved. somehow and someday i hope it does.


Elizabeth Messer said...

I love it! I can't wait. We are invited right?? : ) I think you are such a wonderful "doer!"

Melissa Pennington said...

I know exactly how you feel...and Isabel will get so much enjoyment in a couple of years from all the pictures when she sees how much her birthday means to you. You're such a rockstar mom! I'm sure it's all going to be SO beautiful!

Laura said...

Hi there - I know this is REALLY random, but I just found your blog by chance when doing a search. My little girl is turning one in a week and we're doing the same theme. I loved seeing some of your ideas! So, again, I know this is random, but let me know if you want any more ideas- I've got a some really cute penguins made out of olives. ;-) I hope the party is a blast - congrats!