Wednesday, October 28, 2009

refresh your kitchen with bh&g

have i mentioned i am unoriginal? yep. guilty as charged.

today i received this article in my email from better homes and gardens. great ideas that i've read before and have tried to incorporate in my kitchen...

{article bh&g; pictures mine}

8 Quick Kitchen Updates

1. Add a splash of red in a white or neutral kitchen. Red stimulates the appetite, improves one's sense of smell, and sensitizes the taste buds.

2. Show off your dishes, glasses, and serving pieces with open shelves.

3. Create a family message center by painting kitchen pantry doors with chalkboard paint.

4. Add casters to a small shelving unit for a rolling cart that goes wherever it's needed.

ok, haven't done this one yet, but i am planning on it. looking though for something wood, like a kitchen table.

5. Add an eye-catching chandelier over the kitchen island for a touch of glamor.

nor, have i done this one, but am planning on it as well. first comes the island then comes the trip to ikea for a $34 chandelier.

6. Retrofit a silverware drawer with dividers and cabinets with stackable wire shelves.

7. Tile a backsplash. For low-cost customization, choose a simple 4x4 tile with just a few accent tiles to break it up.

8. Cut off the toe-kick on a cabinet and add a bun leg on each corner or end so it looks like a freestanding piece of furniture. Then paint or stain them to match the cabinets.

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Matthew said...

I take issue with the "cut off the "toe-kick" portion of item 8. You do that an your cupboards may be likely to fall apart, not to mention your flooring may not extend underneath the cabinets and even if it did, who'd want to clean under there?

The bun leg idea is nice, if you can make it work.