Friday, October 16, 2009

tea party invites

have i mentioned how i love to throw parties?

well, i do. if it is possible, i think it might be my love language. maybe my spiritual gift? ok, maybe not.

anyways, i have a great one coming up. a tea party baby shower.

first step, of course, is getting the word out for the shower. i needed ideas, so i started searching the internet. {remember, i am a copy cat.} found this idea:

this was my inspiration. close to what i wanted, but not it completely. i wanted something where you had to pull the teabag out of the teapot.

so with a little bit of originality, this is what i came up with:

like it? go ahead! try it!

supply list:
- teapot pattern {printed from internet. i did a google images search and found it}

- scrapbook paper {got mine on sale at hobby lobby for 30 cents a sheet}

- white cardstock {about the same price as scrapbook paper}

- white ribbon {again, half price at hobby lobby for $1}

- glue or modge podge {maybe $3 a bottle? i've had mine a long time, so i don't remember...}

- needle

how to:
1.) on half of the paper trace the teapot face up.

2.) on the other half, trace the invite face down. this is so you can glue the two pieces together to have a front and a back. {i learned this lesson the hard way..}

3.) cut out the teapots and glue them together. glue only on the white side of the paper towards the borders on the bottom half only. you want to create a pocket with the invitations so don't glue them together completely and don't glue towards the top. i stopped gluing at the "lid" of the teapot.

4.) i decided to embellish the teapot. i printed "tea for two" on cardstock and also cut out some red paper to glue on the front to show where the lid of the teapot would be. i decided tea for two meaning mama and baby!

5.) next is the "tea bag". I printed all the information for the shower on cardstock and cut them out so they'd look like a teabag. I used the needle to put the string on the "teabag".

6.) stick the "tea bag" inside of the teapot and your invitations are ready to send!


TheSassFamily said...

Great job, Stacy! Very cute. I bet Liz is very flattered that you took the time and exceeded effort to do that for her shower. They are beautiful.

Elizabeth Messer said...

You are too fabulous! Liz is VERY flattered that you spent SO MUCH time on something so sweet and creative. I am really honored by all that you do : ) I can't wait to see everything else!