Thursday, October 29, 2009

winter "one"derland part 2: snowmen

oh. my. gravy.

bh&g today had an enormous amount of really cute food ideas for snowmen. perfect for a winter themed birthday party. i was so excited when i saw their email today. so excited. no. snow excited.

hopefully you like these ideas too. i plan to copy like... all of them.

i know the food at the party will primarily be sweets, but why not for my sweet little girl? i plan on filling some of my jars with white candy as part of my decor. but i loved these ideas too!

any ideas for glass bottles i can use for the snowmen? the ribbon and donut holes will be easy, but what about a kid friendly white drink that comes in a glass bottle?


Leia Brown said...

eggnog? oh wait. hmm how about white hot chocolate?

Elizabeth Messer said...

AHHH! So adorable. You could start drinking Starbucks frapacinnos in the bottles. They are really cute. I used to get them sometimes and keep them. I have a few bottles you could borrow, but you'd have to keep drinking.

YOU ARE AMAZING! Oh, and I need your help with Micah's Halloween Costume...oh yes! She will have one! I'll call you tomorrow!

I was thinking the team of women could visit me sometime Friday, Sat or Sun, together for fifteen minutes to pray and hug and so I could show you videos of Micah!! Again, I'll call in the morning, I have a Dr.'s apt. at 8:45, so prob. around then.

Love you! Read Psalms 69 for me.

Stephanie @ Everything That Is Nice said...

Drink wise-
Milk Nog (made by AE dairy I believe)...the girls love it...and it's snow much better than egg nog.
Bottle Wise...I second Liz's Starbucks idea...lucky for you, your sister has a "MILD" addiction to these, and will have more than enough bottles for you. They have short and tall ones...

LindseyRockers said...

for milk bottles get the starbucks frappaccino drinks from the grocery store or target. after your done drinking them just peel off the labels and run them thru the dishwsher.... then fill with milk and decorate!