Tuesday, October 6, 2009

DIY: movie themed invite

here is an invite i created for a hollywood themed bridal shower my friend was throwing for her sister. i came up with the idea {an original idea! wow!}, but she put it all together and did an amazing job with it.

you should try it too!

supply list:
- black cardstock (29 cents a sheet - although it does go on sale for cheaper.)

- a square punch (at hobby lobby about $9 regular price. watch for sales or use a 40% off coupon)

- computer


how to:
1). first we cut the black cardstock so that it would fit into business sized envelops.

2.) next step was the hardest. my friend really hurt her hand with this one. punch the sides of the invitation to look like a movie film {up and down the long sides}. she made 40 invites, so i think her hand was really sore by the end.

3.) she used her sister's engagement pictures and microsoft word to create the rest of the invite. notice her use of movie terms in the invite: "palof productions presents...". you could also use words like "starring {bride's name", etc.

4.) cut the info part of invite so it fits in the middle of the punches on the cardstock and glue.

total cost: around 35 cents per invitation because we didn't use a 40% off coupon and there wasn't a sale on the punch. still very cheap and cute!


Matthew said...

Nah, Nicole's hand didn't hurt, but mine did. The burly boyfriend was called in to save the day. :-P

Also, I think she actually used MS Publisher, but if you're good with Word you could make it work.

Nicole Drama said...

So, Stacy, I have a confession to make- Right around the time you started this blog, I started getting behind on reading "my" blogs, what with the busyness at the new job and all. SO today was my first visit to this site, and it was fun to see all of your projects! I plan to visit again more regularly, now that I'm "caught up", so to speak. There are some great ideas here!! And I was honored to have my sister's shower be part of it! I can't wait to start working on all the wedding fun, and the fun of Charlotte's shower with you!