Tuesday, October 6, 2009


tonight as i was "watching" tv with my husband, i came across a picture in an old pottery barn magazine that i love. i love it so much i am going to do it at my house.

so. first comes inspiration. check. then comes the plan.

the plan is to watch for a sale on unfinished wood at hobby lobby and buy three ledges. i love in the picture how the ledges are hung slightly low, so it feels almost like a real shelf.

as i looked more closely at this picture i really liked how they used letters. naturally, i guess, i am drawn to them. so the plan grew. not only will i do three shelves but each of us in our family will each have a shelf, with our initial on it and pictures of us. our travels. our fun memories.

so after plan comes action. hopefully in the next few weeks i will complete this project.

thank you pottery barn. once again, you've inspired me.

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Rachel@oneprettything.com said...

I just clicked over from Everything that is Nice. I love your blog, the DIY projects are great and I love following along with people's home projects.