Friday, October 9, 2009

breaking the rules with blue

do you have a favorite color? i have several. blue green, sage, cream and chocolate. they relax me. they say cozy to me. i love these colors.

when you love something you are naturally drawn to it. that is the way i am with these colors- especially when decorating my home.

i have found myself on more than one occasions saying "i can't paint it blue, i have blue everywhere." or "i really love the green one, but maybe i should buy a different color since everything else i own is green."

then i realized. who cares if everything in my house is blue? it is my house {and my hubby, who loves the same colors as me} so if i want every room to be blue, then that is what i will do.

maybe that is a no-brainer for you. for me it took a while to come to that realization. i feel like my house really flows well together. every room has at least one of my colors - sage, blue green, cream or chocolate.

so whether it is red and black. yellow and white. or orange and brown. whatever your favorite colors are i say go for it. buy it. paint it. sew it. whatever color makes you happy and makes you feel at home.

go ahead. break the rules.

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Leia Brown said...

Are you painting your door blue? I have a sneaking suspicion...