Tuesday, September 15, 2009

copy cat commencement

i remember seeing my first pottery barn magazine. it was about five years ago & it was their fall catalog. up until this point i had never seen one of their magazines. i remember opening the magazine and loving every page, feeling as if that magazine was made specifically for me. the style of furniture was the exact style that i loved. cozy. practical. comfortable. the accessories in every room were the accessories that i enjoyed. old globes and books. black & white photography. crisp white dishes. as i thumbed through the magazine i got more & more excited. this was exactly how i wanted my house to look! all i had to do was buy the furniture.

then i saw the price tag.

nope. not gonna be buying it.

i wanted the pottery barn look without the pottery barn price. i started scouring over every magazine of theirs that came in the mail. noticing what was perfectly placed on the shelves and side tables in each room. seeing the layering of blankets on the beds and how that made the bed look so cozy. observing the symmetry found in the wall hangings and furniture placement.

this is when i started my copy catting journey.

i couldn't afford the furniture & accessories, but i could COPY the look without paying the price. i knew this journey would involve searching goodwills and consignment shops for furniture that could be turned into something beautiful. the accessories could be found at flea markets, garage sales and yes, even walmart. i could create the artwork using some canvas and scrapbook paper. my wedding was upcoming & i could register for that crisp white table decor. this could be done.

that was five years ago. one house ago. now i am in a new house and still in love with the pb look. i still squeal with excitement when my husband brings in a new pottery barn magazine from the mailbox. i am still in search for the pottery barn look. it is still me.

i am still a pottery barn copy cat.

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