Wednesday, September 16, 2009

DIY: chalkboard tags

i love chalkboard paint. you will notice that i have used it in many projects.

i really like the idea of chalkboard paint tags for baskets. that way you can label what is in the basket. i've seen them in many magazines and stores. here is my version of it.

- chalkboard paint (you can buy either a spray can for $5 or a quart for $10. i already owned chalkboard paint which made this project really cheap.)

- wooden squares (i found a pack of 4 at hobby lobby for 99 cents.)

- floral wire (i already owned this, but i think it cost like $1.)

- hot glue gun (prices vary)

- paint (the little bottles of acrylic vary from 67 cents on up

- chalk ($1.25)

how to:
1.) paint the squares. i painted mine white. let dry.

2.) tape off the area around where you want to paint the chalkboard paint.

3.) paint the chalkboard paint inside the square. let dry.

4.) hot glue the wire on the back of the square. let cool.

5.) using the wire, attach square to basket.

6.) after waiting (patiently) 3 days, write with chalk on the square.

if you don't want to use wire you could also use ribbon or twine.

here is how mine turned out:

total cost to me: 99 cents

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Elizabeth Messer said...

Brilliant! and to think there were cabinet doors there only a few weeks ago, and now you are using storage space as decoration as well! Very inventive, not to mention cute!