Tuesday, September 22, 2009

DIY: celebration sign

yep. that is me, the copy cat hosting a party. did i mention that is another one of my loves?

there are so many great blogs out there to give you ideas for decorating for baby showers, bridal showers, cute birthday parties, etc. i am a big fan of these blogs. once again, why go to all the trouble to create something completely original? it has probably been done before anyway.

this was an idea i found on one of these party idea blogs. a cute way to make a homemade banner. this party was for my friends' grad school graduation.

the supply list:
- ribbon {usually half price at hobby lobby, $1- $3}

- paper doilies {i used a 40% off coupon, so once again at hobby lobby $1- $3 depending on the size you get}

- scrapbook paper and white card-stock paper {again, wait for the hobby lobby 1/2 price sale. i spent maybe $1 on paper}

- scissors, tape

- letters printed off of your computer

how to:
1.) cut circles from your scrapbook paper. glue this onto the doilies.

2.) cut out your letters printed from your computer. trace them onto card stock. cut those letters out.

3.) glue the letters onto the scrapbook paper circles.

4.) cut slits into the circles so that your ribbon will fit through. don't cut your ribbon until you have all the circles on and know exactly where you are going to hang the banner.

total cost: around $4.

for some amazing party tablescape ideas check out these:




& don't forget...



Elizabeth Messer said...

Um, do you want your banner back! :) Oops! Also the lace things are...doilies! I did think that banner made Charlotte and Tabitha's graduation party!

The Mackeys said...

man, and I knew the word, I just could NOT think of it. Thanks!