Saturday, September 19, 2009

fall decor ideas from bh&g

here are some ideas that i plan to use from better homes and gardens.

i used these exact tins at my wedding on the end of pews, so i have some lying around my house that i never know what to do with. what i liked about this idea is that it isn't used in a traditional way. it isn't hung on a wall. it is placed in a plate stand. i think i am going to try this with some dried roses that i have.

i liked this idea. seemed like a fun art project. and cheap too. especially if you use things found {for free} in nature. acorns. leaves. pine cones. you could buy different sizes of styrofoam balls to add interest. the only difficulty will be not burning my finger on my hot glue gun. maybe this would be something that i could use all season into january. in bowls. placed on top of candle holders in a grouping. placed on a shelf next to a picture frame.

click here for more ideas!

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