Wednesday, September 16, 2009

letter decor

i love using letters as decoration. there is something so simple about it. yet comforting. this is something you will find a lot in pottery barn design.

you will see many examples in future posts where i have used letters or words in my decorating. here is an example of something i did in my laundry room.

supply list:
- letters - hobby lobby has many sizes and fonts. i chose a medium size. normally i think they are $2.47, but i got them half off.

- paint color of choice (you could also decoupage with scrapbook paper). Acrylic paint is anywhere from 67 cents and up.

- brackets and nails to attach to the backs - again, i purchased mine at hobby lobby in the framing department. about $2 per packet.

how to:
1.) i painted mine to look vintage so i was pretty sloppy when painting. i did one coat.

2.) again, to achieve a vintage look i sanded the letters so the natural wood when come through to make them look aged.

3.) measure and attach the hardware on the backs of the letters so that they will hang level on the wall. they are now ready to hang.

here is another example of letter art. from my sis. of course. she used scrapbook paper that goes with her daughter's bedroom colors.

other ideas i've seen for letters. go ahead. copy them!
- i am planning on doing EAT in my kitchen. above the sink. i think. i will do it in large black letters or cut the letters out of paper and decoupage them to plates. i will let you know what i decide.

- on my fireplace i have "m" for my last name. i may move this to a photo collage i am doing in my hallway.

- in the bathroom. "bath". "splish splash".

- in an entryway. your last name with the year your family was established (i.e. smith est. 2002).

- on bookshelves. again, the initial of your last name.

- as a border in a nursery. you could do the abc's all around the room near the ceiling. i would trim this out. it would frame it and make it look nice. i think using different sizes and fonts would keep it fun and whimsical.

- on your front door inside of or on a wreath. again, the initial of your last name.

- christmas time. spell out words of the season. joy. merry. display on photo ledges.

- in a mudroom with lockers. put the initial of the person whose locker it is on the wall above their locker. or above hooks for keys.

where else have you used or seen someone use letters?


Leia Brown said...

Good ideas Stacy! My mother-in-law has a really cute display of the letter D (for their last name) on the landing of her staircase. She collected all different Ds and hung them salon style on the wall. Very cute.

The Mackeys said...

love it leia! someone will be inspired by that for sure!