Wednesday, September 16, 2009

fall decor

tis the season of cold pink noses and seeing our breath in the air. of vivid oranges and bright yellows. of hot apple cider and warm pumpkin pie. of harvest and the commencement of the season of rest.

i love the fall.

i was thinking yesterday how i think that trees were made for the fall. all year long they get ready for their big show that lasts only a few weeks in which they display their true beautiful colors.

i love the fall.

i love decorating for the fall.

the first idea comes from my creative sister- in law.

great new ways to display fall bounty.

this one comes from my sister. she made this using an old frame, a glue gun and some dried naturals.

makes me want to head to my parents' farm right now for some indian corn, pumpkins and gourds.

how do you decorate for the season?

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