Monday, September 28, 2009

DIY: pumpkin topiary

i had seen this idea in bh& g. i think martha does it too. for me, i had all of these things around, so making a pumpkin topiary was free.

supply list:
- urn or pot

- a grapevine wreath that fits into the opening of the urn.

- pumpkins; at least 2

- i used broom corn in between the layers of pumpkins which was free to me from my mom's garden. you could easily use fall picks from hobby lobby (1/2 price this week) or scavenge for fallen leaves

how to:
1.) set the wreath inside of the urn.

2.) start layering pumpkins. make sure they are steady and won't fall over. remove the stems of the pumpkins on the bottom layers for more stability.

3.) use your berries, leaves, etc in between the layers.

inspired? try it yourself. so easy!

1 comment:

Leia Brown said...

super cute! I love the cinderella pumpkins!