Monday, September 21, 2009

inspired by nature

i would definitely say that my style has a natural side to it.


i decided to take the theme of my daughter's bedroom {butterflies & birds} and give it an even more organic feel by adding somethings taken from nature. i wanted to do this to add richness by adding a darker color. to add a different texture. to decorate with something free.

this inspiration came while shopping in the old market area of omaha. i found a mobile hung in a store that used branches, fabric birds and paper. the copy cat in me got excited when i saw it. i could do this. it would be beautiful. it would be cheap.

a challenge. to recreate what i had seen. so i scavenged my yard and picked up some branches. i found some fabric remnants that corresponded with my daughter's room. i used these and a pattern found online to make a fabric bird. to add some sparkle and yet another texture i used some paper butterflies.

mission accomplished.

instead of a mobile, {which i may still do} i put a branch on her shelf.

i used branches as a curtain rod.

i used branches in a flower arrangement. give me enough time {and branches} i am sure i could find more uses...


Elizabeth Messer said...

Very nifty. One thing I really like is how you arranged the shelves with the shorter one underneath the longer one. I don't think I would have done that, and it looks really nice. I am going to be hanging shelves soon, and I'm going to have to call you!

Melissa Pennington said...

Oh I LOVE the branch curtain rod!! I may have to do that in my toy room!