Thursday, September 17, 2009

DIY: growth chart

I have seen various charts that mark your child's growth. on etsy. pbkids.

again, i couldn't afford it.

so i came up with my own version of a growth chart. i think it is the easiest project i have ever done.

supply list:
- a tape measure

- a pencil

- paint (you can use acyclic from hobby lobby)

- a little paint brush

- number stickers (i got mine at archivers for $2.50)

how to:
1.) using the tape measure and pencil mark inches with short lines and feet with long lines. i did mine on my daughter's closet door.

2.) go back with your paint and paint over the pencil lines.

3.) stick your number stickers to the wall. i have not had problems with the numbers falling off. if you are worried about that, i am sure there are things you can do.

in an apartment but want the same look? you can have a home store like lowe's or home depot cut you a piece of wood that you can paint and place on your wall for the same look. you could even use chalkboard paint as the background color and you can chart your child's growth with chalk.

i plan on using stickers or initials for my daughter's height development. maybe i can find butterfly stickers. if i have another daughter, i will use a different type of sticker, like flowers.

see? so easy a caveman could copy it!

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